Commercialization Leadership Forum


Location: IDEA Center (Greenhouse) (View on

This event is by invitation only and is limited to the deans, chairs, and select innovative faculty. Lunch will be served.

Since the IDEA Center’s launch last fall, a number of new and exciting innovation and commercialization initiatives have been created. The first part of this forum will be devoted to explaining these efforts and how faculty and students can best take advantage of them. We will also discuss what the IDEA Center is, what we do and which University programs now fall under our domain. In addition, this forum will examine:

  • Our new commercialization process and how it supports the academic mission of the university
  • Our new milestone-based funding program for post-invention disclosure innovations and how faculty and students can access those funds
  • The many points of entry into the IDEA Center
  • Our vision and our goals
  • How to know if you have an invention and if it has commercial opportunity