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#BoldFail is the official podcast of the IDEA Center at the University of Notre Dame.

#BoldFail features conversations with some of Notre Dame's most creative entrepreneurs and inventors. In our episodes, we dive into the stories, ideas and people driving innovation at Notre Dame. It is also a celebration of strategic failure. No successful startup or entrepreneur goes from success to success. All experience multiple challenges and failures along the way. Failure by itself is neutral, neither good nor bad. The question is: what did we learn from it? Failure in operations and failure that results from complexity can be prevented with proper processes, oversight and care. But failure that comes from pushing beyond boundaries is a commendable, necessary step because it breaks new ground on the path to discovery. #BoldFail is a celebration of the mindset that sees the future, seizes opportunity and embraces failure as a routine step toward success, a chance to persevere or pivot rather than quit.

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