Round 1 Requirements

McCloskey Round 1 Submission will consist of a power point Slide Deck presentation and a 3 minute (maximum) video presentation. Submission is due 5pm EST on October 25th. Please see below for details:


1.  Utilize this Google Slide Deck to create your own 10 slide presentation deck. When completed, save as a Power Point Slide file (ppt.) and upload to the appropriate submission area.

Highlighted topics will be

  • TITLE/ OVERVIEW: Provide a brief description of your venture.  Use very simple terms and avoid “jargon” – keep it simple and direct, simply describe your venture.
  • TEAM: Tell us how your team is the right team to be a part of this venture
  • PROBLEM/OPPORTUNITY:  Demonstrate the problem you are trying to solve
  • SOLUTION: Demonstrate how your solution will solve the problem
  • COMPETITION:  Demonstrate understanding of top competitors, what is unique about your venture
  • BUSINESS MODEL:  How will you make money?  How will you grow? How will you find the money to start and run this venture? 
  • MARKETING & SALES:  Who are your customers? How will you reach them?  Have you tested the market in any way, or done any research?  
  • TRACTION & PROJECT MILESTONES:  What have you done with previous investments? What are milestones with customers and partners? Traction and progress made?
  • ND FORCE FOR GOOD/SOCIAL IMPACT:  How will the world be a better place because of your new business venture? What is your social, humanitarian and/or environmental impact?
  • CHALLENGES:  What do you anticipate being your most significant challenges and/or obstacles?  How will you address these challenges?

2.   A simple 3 minute maximum video pitch is required. We suggest paring down your above pitch deck if utilizing this and cover the highlights. We suggest that you follow these pointers:

CONTENT:  This is your opportunity to show the judges your best “elevator pitch.”

  • Introduce yourself and describe the problem – share your IDEA.  Convince those watching that this is a clear and compelling problem.
  • Clearly articulate your proposed business SOLUTION.  Convince those watching that you have a unique solution to the problem you’ve identified above.
  • Convince viewers that this idea could attract INVESTORS and become a thriving, sustainable business.
  • Convince us of the potential IMPACT you will make if your proposed venture addresses a social and/or environmental problem.

FORMAT:  This is a simple video that can be done using your phone or mobile device. No fancy gimmicks or props, no animation, no special effects are required:  simply convince the judges that this is a valid business solution, a business idea worthy of consideration.  Have fun with the video – don’t stress out! Be spontaneous and relaxed, not scripted.

Best Practices: 1) Upload your video to YouTube and then copy and paste the link into the appropriate submission area or 2) Upload a mp4 file

Videos should be a maximum of 3 minutes (No exceptions)

To Register (Round 1 Deadline October 25) Click Here