Current Needs


Contact: Constanza Lengerich (

We are looking for the following:

1. Security expert at an airport and/or Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employee

2. DIY homeowners (who paint their houses themselves)

3. Infectious disease doctors and/or army doctors

4. Vets and researchers that conduct animal studies on mice/rats

5. Experts in 5G wireless technology



Four cylinder

Contact: Matt Gardner (

1. We are looking for Product Managers at Consumer Electronics companies who are responsible for making the final decisions on which features to include and which features to exclude in the final product.

2. We are looking for people to interview for a biotech Lean Cohort which runs September-October, who have backgrounds in any of the following areas.

Pancreatic Oncologists
Gynecologic Oncologists
Work history in Big Pharma in drug discovery
Work history in T Cell Therapy (Company background might include: Adaptimmune, Immunocore, Juno Therapeutics, Kite Pharma, Cell Medica, Medigene)
Work history in selling diagnostics/instrumentations to academic labs (Company background might include: BioRad, Agilent, Bio Molecular Systems, Eppendorf, Qiagen, Thermo Fisher Scientific)




Contact: John Henry (

We are building a database of Midwest focused investors interested in early-stage life sciences spinouts. Please let us know if that's you, or if you can refer us!