Exosome Purification from Human Serum (ExoPen)

Tech ID: 16-017

Inventors: Dr. Jeff Schorey, Dr. Yong Cheng

Date Added: August 12, 2019


Device and process for exosome purification from bodily fluids to assist in exosome-based disease diagnosis. 

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Technology Summary

Exosomes are nanoscale extracellular membrane vesicles, released by most cell types and may be detected in various body fluids including blood, saliva, breast milk, etc. Many studies indicate that exosomes isolated from the serum of diseased individuals carry specific molecules that may serve as diagnostic biomarkers for the specific disease. These diseases include cancers, Neurological disorders, diabetes, pancreatic diseases, renal failure, and infectious diseases.
Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have developed Exopen, an exosome purification process/tool that is ideal for fieldwork: quick, requires minimal sample material, and is usable with various biological fluids. The device provides an efficient and inexpensive method for collecting highly purified exosomes from biological samples within minutes without the need for laboratory equipment or electricity. 

Market Advantages 

  • Ideal for fieldwork
  • Usable with various biological fluids and many species
  • No requirement for lab equipment or electricity

Technology Readiness Status

TRL 4 - Lab Validation

Intellectual Property

US 15/774,972 
(Particle Size Purification Method And Devices)


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