Ryan Biggs

Manager, De-Risking



Ryan has gained experience leading teams and traveling the world, working for global footwear and apparel organizations. Whether it's interviewing skateboarders in their claustrophobic New York apartment bedrooms or discussing advances in EKG monitoring with leading cardiovascular researchers in Melbourne, Ryan has strengthened his ability to speak and empathize with complex individuals from all walks of life.


At both adidas and Nike, Ryan worked closely with high-profile athletes to better understand their functional, social, and emotional needs enabling them to perform at the highest levels. During his time at VF corporation, Ryan developed unique product experiences for the Vans expressive creator. He reenergized the Vans Customs Program, co-leading a two-year effort identifying unmet needs to establish a new strategy utilizing best-in-class technologies. With a passion for entrepreneurship, Ryan created Biggs Solutions partnering with brands looking for a turn-key on-demand customization solution.


In this role, Ryan partners with Notre Dame students, faculty, and alumni. He leads customer discovery using primary research to validate problems and the jobs to be done before investment. Ryan manages projects and supporting team members to identify key metrics and track progress.


Ryan is a proud Hoosier from South Bend, IN, with a passion for inspiring others to discover and reach their full potential.