1.   A 2-page Executive Summary is required for all teams.  Please submit a 2-page Executive Summary of your proposed new venture.  Save the document as a .PDF file (no other format will be accepted). Save the file as follows: Team Name_Round 1.pdf
We recommend that you address the following key points.  A simple paragraph addressing each point is perfectly fine – no need to go into great detail:

Your submission should include the following topics. A detailed breakdown of each topic is listed here.

  • Company Overview 
  • Problem/Opportunity
  • Solution
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Competition
  • Business/Operational Model
  • Management Team
  • Traction/Milestones
  • ND Force for Good/Social Impact
  • Challenges

2.   A simple 1-2 minute video pitch is required. We encourage you to have fun with it, as this is a fun and easy way to capture the attention of the judges to communicate your vision! We suggest that you follow these pointers:

CONTENT:  This is your opportunity to show the judges your best “elevator pitch.”

  • Introduce yourself and describe the problem – share your IDEA.  Convince those watching that this is a clear and compelling problem.
  • Clearly articulate your proposed business SOLUTION.  Convince those watching that you have a unique solution to the problem you’ve identified above.
  • Convince viewers that this idea could attract INVESTORS and become a thriving, sustainable business.
  • Convince us of the potential IMPACT you will make if your proposed venture addresses a social and/or environmental problem.

FORMAT:  This is a simple video that can be done using your phone or mobile device. No fancy gimmicks or props, no animation, no special effects are required:  simply convince the judges that this is a valid business solution, a business idea worthy of consideration.  Have fun with the video – don’t stress out!  Be spontaneous and relaxed, not scripted.

Upload your video to YouTube and then copy and paste the link into the appropriate submission area.

Videos should be 1-2 minutes in length, a maximum of 2 minutes. 


The business plan required for the McCloskey New Venture Competition should be approximately 10 pages, using standard margins and 11- or 12-point font.  Either 1.5 or double-spacing is fine. Up to (not exceeding) 5 pages of appendices may be attached.

The format below can be used as a template to build your business plan.  We urge participants to address each of the following points within the body of the plan. The appendices will be used for supporting documentation. 

The business plan + appendices will be combined into ONE .pdf file to upload on competition site. The file should be named according to the following format: Team Name_Round2.pdf.

You will be evaluated based upon your ability to make a convincing case that your business or idea has potential to become a viable, profitable, sustainable business venture. To do this, you should provide the following:

•    Clear confirmation that there are customers clamoring for your solution (i.e., DEMAND)

•    A well thought-out business model that will uniquely deliver value to customers

•    A reasonable path to financial viability

•    A team with the skills, experience and/or connections to make it happen.

Your submission should include the following topics. A detailed breakdown of each topic is listed here.

  • Company and Team Overview 
  • Product or Service
  • Market Opportunity
  • Business Model Rationale
  • Go-To-Market Strategy & Goals 
  • Feasibility - Metrics That Matter
  • Appendices (3 Year projections, 5 pages max), should include P&L Pro Forma